Ambereh 1.0

Simple drawing application with online and offline capabilities


  • Cooperative drawing


  • Basic editing tools
  • Problems in opening new canvases

Not bad

Ambereh is a basic drawing application with the advantage of having the possibility of sharing your work while chatting with your co-workers and applying changes that everybody can see.

It's surely not Photoshop, nor even a bad copy of it, but that's not its purpose. It is not a professional photo editor but a tool to share ideas on logos, for example, or simply a kind of dashboard for creative having to work from different locations. Define a local port and connect to a computer in the relative menu at the top of the program's page and start to work on a drawing with other people.

The application can only work with bitmaps and this is really a big limitation considering that this format is not so widely used anymore. The features are just the basic ones you can find in all the other drawing editors such as anti-aliased brush, custom bitmap brushes, opacity control, smudge and blur. Furthermore this program is free and open source.

Ambreh's simplicity makes it an interesting tool for brain-storming sessions with your colleagues as you can make changes to an image that everybody can see live and chat at the same time.

Ambereh is a simple and easy-to-use drawing application with online and offline capabilities.

In online mode, you can chat and share the same canvas with your friends, allowing you to make a cooperative painting. There is no need for a central server: Ambereh works with a decentralized network, where any user can connect to any other user already in the party, and everybody will see and interact with everybody's drawings.

In solo mode, you have a great set of tools for artistic drawing, like anti-aliased brushes, brushes with custom bitmaps, full opacity support, circles drawing, auto-circles for softneing edges, blur and smudge for giving the detailed touches for your sketch!

In both cases, you also get the ability to record all the steps taken in your drawing, so later you can replay the whole process and watch your painting coming to life: from the blank canvas to the final masterpiece.


  • Anti-aliased brush
  • Custom bitmap brushes
  • Opacity control
  • Smudge and blur
  • Circles and auto-circles
  • Cooperative drawing
  • Integrated chat
  • Loading various images into canvas
  • Recording and replaying the whole artistic process



Ambereh 1.0

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